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Our Amgigs Product Is Bringing You The Best Outcome By Using Latest Technologies And Artificial Intelligence For The Advanced Search Function.


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Amgigs is the 1st launched freelancing marketplace built on blockchain to resolve problems include: inauthentic reviews, unreliable payments, expensive fees, unfair disputes/fraud and the uncontrollable influence of a central authority. Amgigsis a Distributed Autonomous Job Marketplace (DAJ) operating on the Ethereum Blockchain. Amgigs is our collaborative vision of an entirely self-regulatory platform for finding clients/projects and ensuring jobs are completed efficiently and fairly.

Amgigs is changing the way freelancing works for both the freelancer and the customer with the help of AI engine which shows the relevant skills and jobs based on the metadata.Amgigs is the only 1st platform implemented Artificial Intelligence and Live Video interview feature.Amgigs does this by minimalizing fees and introducing a decentralized tribunal system to guarantee every dispute case is settled fairly and that no one loses out — we can finally wave goodbye to fraud in freelancing.


Guarantee Payment

On Amgigs, you are only required to pay if you are 100% satisfied that the Freelancer has performed as their proposition entailed. In the case of a dispute, the Tokenholders decide the outcome via a majority consensus. There is no longer any need to lose money due to unilateral decisions made by a centralized authority.

Fair Dispute Settlement

Never depend on a single, centralized authority to settle your disputes again. With the Amgigs Tokenholder Tribunal, the decision lies in the hands of thousands of Tokenholders, guaranteeing a fair decision. The Tokenholders are incentivized to offer their expertise and fair votes. Only the Tokenholders that voted for the decision that won will be rewarded — this ensures a fair settleme

Unrivalled Low Fees

Amgigs is free! Just buy Amgigs coins at cheaper rate which is several times lower than the leading existing freelancing platforms; freelancing will finally be a lucrative and reliable way to earn money. The entirety fee goes to the Tokenholders that vote competently in the tribunal!

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Our Core Services

Crypto payments to freelancers

Payments with cryptocurrency are instant, even across different countries. Digital currencies can be exchanged easily for other currencies or fiat money, which is a big advantage to freelancers. With that method, freelancers would be able to withdraw and use their funds immediately after client’s approval. In addition, the use of cryptocurrency will facilitate seamless transactions even for freelancers without bank accounts.

Reduced middleman fees

Using crypto-tokens and smart contract is a clever way to reward everyone in the freelance marketplace, which encourages them to act fairly and professionally always. Once on the platform, both freelancers and their employers would want to safeguard their reputation, which is a win-win for both parties. With a decentralized system, there will be better dispute resolution, more accurate ratings, and less authoritarian control.

Immutable, secure record of transactions

An important feature of Amgigs is its immutability. It allows a large number of transactions and contract data stored in the secure environment. This makes it free the hackers. The agreements between the freelancers and their clients can become a part of the permanent record, which is hard to breach or compromise.


When it comes to the freelance market, then the workflow is known no boundaries, however, when it comes to the payment, then the money transfer may ask the sender to pay some transfer fee. Transferring money to Africa or from the US can cost an extra 15 . Blockchain can as a savior here since there is no third party control, the money can be transferred with a lower transfer fee or no fees at all.

innovations of Amgigs

we are bringing you the best outcome by using latest technologies and artificial intelligence for the advanced search function.We are an online global search platform which provide the relevancy between both freelancers and contractors.Our algorithm find matches based on timezone , skills and close to your proximity.p>

Why Amgigis unique

Our project estimation algorithm estimates the timeline only.We provide relevant talent with businesses at your timezone.Blockchain Reduced middleman fees

Our ICO Roadmap

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amgigs?

We are an online global search platform which provide the relevancy between both freelancers and contractors.

What are the charges for project?

We do not charge for project fee, you have to pay only the subscription cost.

What makes you different?

We just provide relevant talent with businesses.

Do I need to pay an Escrow?

No Escrow, you have to pay only the subscription fee.

How do you find match?

Our algorithm find matches based on timezone , skills and close to your proximity.

How do you calculate project costing?

Our project estimation algorithm estimates the timeline only.

Is there any traker to track the work of a freelancer

No, we don't have any time tracker, we are a platform who provides best communication between client and freelancer.

What is the difference between you and others?

We provide relevant talent with businesses at your timezone.

Our ICO Distribution

Crowdfunding details and Use of Funds

Token Allocation

More Token Info

The crowd sale event will begin on june 15, 2018 and have two phases
The crowd sale will have a duration of 1.5 months (48 days)
The market capital is 10,00,00,000 (AMG)
The conversion rate will be 100 Amgigs Coins = 1USD

Amgigs Coin team

Anthony Wentzel


Seth Mak


Saket Dandotia


Alok Patil


Amgigs Blog

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